Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simal by Clark Mccutchin

Tonight Clark Mccutchin had his Simal against 20+ players. Results will be in shortly!


  1. Clark played 20 players and his final result is 13 wins 2 draws and 5 losses. Congrats to Clark Mccutchin on his overall performance!

  2. That's a decent performance for a non-master. By the way, it's simul not simal, a shortened version of simultaneous exhibition.

  3. This is my game against Mr. Mccutchin. e4-e6, d4-d5, Nc3-Bb4, e5 -c5, (5) a3-Bxc3, bxc3-Ne7, Qg4-0-0, h4-Qa5, Bd2-Nbd6, (10) Nf3-h6(I feel this is my only mistake in the game, he now has c4! attacking my queen and after the queen moves, the bishop will take h6. But this never happened so I feel good.) , Bd3-c4!, Be2-f6, 00 - Nf5 (this move stops the bishop from taking h6) , exf6-Rxf6,(15) Ne5?-Ncxd4, cxd4-Qxd2( The queen is causing trouble!), Rfd1-Qxc2, Rac1-Qb2, Nxc4??(I think its a big blunder) dxc4, (20) Bxc4-b4, Rb1-Qa3, Bxb5-Bb7, Bd7-Bd5, Qe2-Nxh4(free pawn), (25) Ra1(chasing my queen around. He should try to find a way to defend his king side.) Qd6, Bb5-Rg6(watch out!), Ra6-Rxg2, White resigns.