Tuesday, October 20, 2009

G/15 on Oct 21st and G/5 on Oct 28th. Non rated

On Oct 21st is game in 15 mins. Its not rated so anyone can join and play in it.
Also on Oct 28th is a game in 5 mins with many games. Play your opponite twice and move to the next one. This is also not rated so bring your friends!

Both of these tournaments are only a $1 for entry.


  1. Any results available?

  2. Brady Harder Wins the Fall Quick tournament with a perfect score of 4! Beating Bill Williams in the last round. Also Troy Zimmermann scored 3 out of 4 with draws against Tim Burton and Joe Hetzel. Tim burton got 3.5 out of 4 with a draw against Troy Zimmermann. Total of 23 players played in the tournament.

    Here is the winners of each class, A=Tim Burton
    B=Troy Zimmermann, C=Mike Lawrence & Jo Pokorski, D=Paul Bucher, E=P Kulkarni, Under 1000 is Brennen Harder.

  3. Results for the blitz?

  4. I was only there for half the night! I'll post the results asap. If anyone knows who won the tournament, please feel free to post it up here and any comments about the tournament.

  5. The Waukesha Chess Club held its annual Ernests Rozkalns Memorial Speed Tournament on October 28. This was a 5-minute, double round-robin event, in two sections.

    Bill Williams came in first in one section, with Yuri Itskovich second. Yogi Lilly won the other section; Russ Montney was second. Then, the section winners met in a playof of two games to determine the overall winner. The score in the playoff was Bill Williams 2, Yogi Lilly 0.