Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 WCC Late Summer Swiss !

September 8th thur 29th. Entry fee of $5
One round and week, 4 round swiss. G/90, Regular rated!


  1. I plan to visit the Waukesha Club and play in this event. I am looking forward to it. Robin

  2. Looks like 11 players have 1 point after the first round. Robin

  3. I believe the 11 players with 1 point are as listed below. Robin
    Harder, Brady
    Grochowski, R.
    Smith, J.

  4. I had a good game against Williams last night, and probably had a draw at the end, but due to time trouble, played the wrong move and lost quickly. I know that Hendrickson won against Smith. I know that Murphy and Coons drew. I am not sure of any other results right now. Robin

  5. Gonna stop by the club for a visit this coming week. Hoping to stay on 1 shift so I could play in some weekday tournaments!

  6. After 2 rounds
    Williams, William P. 2200 W12 W6 2
    Murphy, Robert Lee 1963 W13 D7 1.5
    Hendrickson, Nolan R. 1957 W14 W8 2
    Harder, Brady R. 1887 W15 W11 2
    Jayne, Ryan D. 1831 W16 L10 1
    Grochowski, Robin J. 1780 W17 L1 1
    Coons, James J. 1740 W18 D2 1.5
    Smith, Jordan A. 1651 W19 L3 1
    Hetzel, Joseph H. 1643 W21 H 1.5
    Carerros, Charles 1630 W23 W5 2
    Nickell, James W. 1531 W24 L4 1
    Sloan, Nicholas James 1477 L1 W22 1
    Harder, Brennan J. 1471 L2 W20 1
    Lawrence, Michael 1399 L3 W19 1
    Shi, Tinglin 1393 L4 W21 1
    Kulkarni, Pranav 1379 L5 W23 1
    James, Nikhil 1375 L6 W25 1
    Mading, James E. 1052 L7 W24 1
    Landey, Charles N. 916 L8 L14 0
    Tang, Michael 885 D22 L13 .5
    Rockley, James D. 629 L9 L15 0
    Harder, Jason E. 574 D20 L12 .5
    Eder, Mackenzie 253 L10 L16 0
    Chroninger, Cody D. Unrated L11 L18 0
    Eder, Miles 211 H L17 0

  7. Round 3 is finished. Hendrickson has 3 points, Brady Harder and Bill Williams have 2 1/2. I believe Hendrickson will play Williams in round four. I had a hard fought game against Brennan Harder last night that I just escaped with a draw out of. Robin

  8. I guess Murphy might also have 2 1/2, but I am not sure. If he does, then perhaps Hendrickson will play Harder because of colors. However, I am not sure. Stay tuned for further updates! Robin

  9. final standings!!!
    1 Williams, William P. 3.5pts
    2 Murphy, Robert Lee 3pts
    3 Hendrickson, Nolan R. 3pts
    4 Harder, Brady R. 3pts
    5 Jayne, Ryan D. 3pts
    6 Grochowski, Robin J. 2pts
    7 Coons, James J. 2pts
    8 Smith, Jordan A. 2pts
    9 Hetzel, Joseph H. 2pts
    10 Carerros, Charles 3pts
    11 Nickell, James W. 2.5pts
    12 Sloan, Nicholas James 2pts
    13 Harder, Brennan J. 2.5pts
    14 Lawrence, Michael 2pts
    15 Shi, Tinglin 2pts
    16 Kulkarni, Pranav 1.5pts
    17 James, Nikhil 2.5pts
    18 Mading, James E. 1.5pts
    19 Landey, Charles N. 1pts
    20 Tang, Michael 1.5pts
    21 Rockley, James D. 1pts
    22 Harder, Jason E. 1.5pts
    23 Eder, Mackenzie 1pts
    24 Chroninger, Cody M. 0pts
    25 Eder, Miles 1.5pts