Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Badger Open!

2011 World Champion U8 Awonder Liang will be playing in the Badger Open! 

Chess Magnet School Junior Grand Prix!
Sept. 14-15, Badger Open
Olympia Resort, 1360 Royale Mile Rd., Oconomowoc, WI 53066. 5 SS,
30/90 d5, SD/60 d5. 3 Sections. Rounds: Sat 10:00; 2:30; 7:30 Sun.
10:00; 3:30Open: EF $37 by 9/12, then $40. Prizes: b/30 – 1st $300; 2nd
$175; A $110. U 1800 $110. Reserve: EF $27 by 9/12, then $30. Prizes:
b/30 – 1st $90; 2nd $75. C $60. U1400 $60. RBO(U1200): EF $12 by
9/12, then $15. Prizes: 1st $50; trophies to 1st, 2nd;U900, U700, U500, Unrated; participation medals to all others. HR: $109 sgl/dbl, $119 trpl/quad
(262.369.4999; mention chess)ENT:Waukesha Chess Club. Mail to Charles Carerros, 628 Rempe Dr., Waukesha, WI 53186.Questions:email carerros@gmail.com or visit waukeshachessclub.org


  1. The address for the pre-enteries is
    628 Rempe Drive. A small typo is listed above.

  2. Just received an email from Will liang about Awonder's preformance. Will Liang said in the email, "Awonder had a final score of 5/9 against very strong oppositions (defeat one and drew another GM, and defeat one IM and one IM-elected) in the US Masters and gained 37 rating points. His USCF rating stands at 2338 for now. One TD had told me that Awonder missed the IM norm by a little bit though it was possible until the last round pairing available"

  3. Pre entries as of 9-4-13

    Awonder Liang 2299
    Yingming Liang 1935
    Guy Hoffman 1900
    Adream Liang 1834
    Robin Grochowski 1680

    Sandy Pahl 1369
    Able Liang 930

    Angelva Liang 657

  4. We have some additional registrations posted on the site now. These would include TJ Molkentin, Kevin Li, James Rockley and Ivan Wijetunge (of http://gettingto2000.blogspot.com). That is a Blog that I read from time to time. If I missed anyone, check the WCC site to verify that you are in. I also have the requested byes posted there as well.

  5. Any more current updates on registrations?

  6. The registration list was just updated. It is current as of right this minute so if you submitted something and I don't have it there please e-mail or call me. I want to make sure that this is a correct as possible. So if you requested a bye it will be listed on the site as well.

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