Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Blitz Swiss

This was scheduled to be an 8 round Blitz tournament in two sections. I think each section played fewer rounds because the site decided less rounds were needed to determine a winner. We may need a greater number of players in a section to hold an 8-round tournament.

Time Control Notes
The time control was G4;+3 (4 minutes initial time with a 3 second increment). With this time control if a game lasts 30 moves each player will have 5.5 minutes. If the game lasts 60 moves, then each side will have 7 minutes. The only time a player would have less than 5 minutes is if the game lasts less than 20 moves.

Open: 1st mikewier, 2nd zugzwang_mke, 3rd arivedal
Reserve: 1st vinayakchess2043, 2nd jnickell, 3rd 442oons_messi

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