Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Fall Quad, G/90!

On November 4th, the club will begin its 2009 Fall Quad. As the title indicates, this will be a sectional tournament, with 4 players per section. It will be a double round robin with a time control of game in 90 minutes. The tournament will run through the end of 2009, including two weeks for make up games.

()= Games left to play
Section 1
1.Bill Williams 5.5
2.Patrick McElwee 2.5
T-3.Paul Fricano .5
T-3.James Coons .5

Section 2
1.Ryan Jayne 4
2.Gregory Reese Jr. 3.5
3.Troy Zimmermann 3
4.Joe Hetzel 1.5

Section 3
1.Brady Harder 5
2.Hugo Hartig 4
T-3.Chris Unger 1.5
T-3.James Nickell 1.5

Section 4
1.Paul Bucher 4
T-2.Ben Corcoran 2.5 (2)
T-2.Brandon Schmitt 2.5 (2)
4.Mike Lawrence 1

Section 5
1.Tinglin Shi 5.5
2.Eric Rokni 3.5
T-3.Pranav Kulkarni 1.5
T-3.James Chapleau 1.5

Seciton 6
1.Brennan Harder 5
2.Gregory Reese Sr. 4.5
3.Nikhil James 2.5
4.James Mading 0

Section 7
1.Michael Tang 6 (2)
2.Charles Landey 2.5 (4)
3.James Rockley 2 (1)
4.Jason Harder 1.5 (3)
5.Akanksha Dasari 1 (5)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

G/15 on Oct 21st and G/5 on Oct 28th. Non rated

On Oct 21st is game in 15 mins. Its not rated so anyone can join and play in it.
Also on Oct 28th is a game in 5 mins with many games. Play your opponite twice and move to the next one. This is also not rated so bring your friends!

Both of these tournaments are only a $1 for entry.

Friday, October 2, 2009

40th Badger Open!

Their are 90+ pre entries to the 40th Badger this year. Its going to be a big tournament so please post any of your games from this tournament here or any comments from the tournament.