Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Swiss! Starts Dec 1st!

Fall Swiss goes from December 1st to December 22nd. Entry fee is $5 and its game in 90 mins. One round a week for a total of four rounds. Rumors has it Expert Hendrickson (NCO winner) and Expert Haubrich will play in this tournament!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game in 5 this Wednesday!

Their will be many games this Wednesday night. Its not rated and its only $1 to play so bring your friends and family to play!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 fall action tournament!

These are the round 3 pairings!
white - black
D. Cardenas Brady Harder
Brennan Harder W. Williams
S. Garvin M. Tang
J. Nickell J. Coons
R. Jayne G. Reese, Jr.
D. Dorak B. Corcoran
J. Hetzel N. Sloan
P. Kulkarni T. Shi

G. Ma Jason Harder
J. Mading C. Chroninger
N. Kurpad J. Rockley
Miles Eder Mackenzie Eder

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Website Suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for the website, please send me an email or a comment on this blog.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 WCC Late Summer Swiss !

September 8th thur 29th. Entry fee of $5
One round and week, 4 round swiss. G/90, Regular rated!

Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Spring Swiss!

Williams, William P. 2205 W12 W8 W5 W4 4
Hayes, Raymond C. 2100 W13 L7 W16 L3 2
McCutchin, Clark O. 2074 W14 W10 D6 W2 3.5
Harder, Brady R. 1881 W15 W9 W7 L1 3
Jayne, Ryan D. 1828 W16 W25 L1 W6 3
Coons, James J. 1774 W17 W11 D3 L5 2.5
Krause, Aaron 1771 W18 W2 L4 W14 3
Garvin, Stanley T. 1756 W19 L1 D17 H 2
Dorak, Daniel T. 1749 W24 L4 L18 W22 2
Smith, Jordan A. 1657 W21 L3 W23 W19 3
Hartig, Hugo John 1644 W22 L6 L19 D25 1.5
Nickell, James W. 1520 L1 H W25 W18 2.5
Kolp, Thomas D. 1505 L2 L19 W24 L20 1
Bucher, Paul S. 1489 L3 W21 W22 L7 2
Shi, Tinglin 1451 L4 L22 H W23 1.5
Lawrence, Michael 1401 L5 W24 L2 H 1.5
Rokni, Eric 1366 L6 W26 D8 W28 2.5
Kulkarni, Pranav 1352 L7 W27 W9 L12 2
Harder, Brennan J. 1340 L8 W13 W11 L10 2
James, Nikhil 1314 H W23 U W13 2.5
Chapleau, James Frank 1188 L10 L14 X26 U 1
Mading, James E. 985 L11 W15 L14 L9 1
Klass, Ralph F. 981 W26 L20 L10 L15 1
Tang, Michael 937 L9 L16 L13 L26 0
Landey, Charles N. 862 W27 L5 L12 D11 1.5
Ponnala, Manu 801 L23 L17 F21 W24 1
Rockley, James D. 681 L25 L18 L28 B 1
Ma, Grady Leo 540 H U W27 L17 1.5

Sunday, March 14, 2010

29th Annual Waukesha Memorial

Saturday March 27th, A Wisconsin Tour Event! 4SS. G/60. Dual rated. Comfort Suites Hotel, Exit 294, I-94 and WI 164, Pewaukee, WI 53072. $$Non-monetary, traveling trophy to First, books for class winners. Open to all. EF: $15 ($12 by 3/26). Reg.: 9:00-9:45, Rds.: 10:00; 1:00; 3:30; 6:00. No state memb. req'd. OSA. Mail entries to Waukesha CC. 1911 Stardust Dr., Waukesha, WI 53186. Phone Info: Jim Nickell (262) 544-6266. Online info:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Club Championship!

From March 3rd through the 31st, will be the Club Championship!, the winner will be giving a simal later this year! The Waukesha Chess Club will not meet on March 17, due to a St. Patrick's Day dinner planned by the Eagles Club.

Standings after round 2
with 2 points
Williams, William P.
Hayes, Raymond C.
McCutchin, Clark O.
Becker, John R.
Murphy, Robert Lee
Harder, Brady R.
Jayne, Ryan D.

With 1.5 points
Hartig Hugo
Kulkarni, Pranav

With 1 point
Coons, James J.
Zimmermann, Troy Joseph
Edgar, Gage Luke
Reese, Gregory, Jr.
Lilly, Hobart W.
Anderson, Kyle M.
Hetzel, Joseph H.
Bucher, Paul S.
Kolp, Thomas D.
Shi, Tinglin
Lawrence, Michael
Harder, Brennan J.
Reese, Gregory D., Sr.
Rokni, Eric
James, Nikhil

with a half point
Nickell, james
Chapleau, James Frank
Tang, Michael

with zero
Mading, James E.
Landey, Charles N.
Khunger, Simran
Klass, Ralph F.
Ponnala, Manu
Rockley, James D.
Khunger, Shagun

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Quick! feb 2010

Feb 17th $1, Game in 15.4 round swiss style tournament, all rounds in one night.

Winter Action 2010!

Total of 32 entering this event with two masters going for it all at the last round. Cooper came back to play in this event and faced Williams in the last round with williams taking the final point to finish in first with 4 points. Hobart Lilly and Brady Harder took 2nd by drawing to each other in the last round and ending with 3.5 points. 6 players tied for 4th place and Cooper was one of them. Hope to see more of Cooper at the WCC this year!

Winter Swiss 2010

The results are in and a total of 31 players in the tournament!
Rober Lee Murphy wins by beating NM Williams in the last round. Murphy finished with 4 points while 6 players tied for second place at 3 points. Brady Harder, Reese Jr, Zimmerman, McCutchin, Coons, and Williams all finished in 2nd.