Monday, November 14, 2011

11/16-11/23 Late Fall Action!, 11/30 Ernests Rozains Memorial Speed Tournament!

Time Control: Game/29 minutes; digital clocks are to be set at 29 minutes with a 5-second delay
Entry Fee: $3
Number of Rounds: 4 (2 rounds November 16 and 2 rounds November 23)

Wednesday after the Fall Action will be the Ernests Rozalns Memorial Speed Tournament
Time Control: 5 minutes per game
Entry Fee: $1
Number of Rounds: many (probably 2 sections, double round robin, with playoff games for section winners)

2011 Fall Swiss

The 2011 Fall Swiss tournament will begin on October 19. There will be one game per week, with a total of four games. The time control will be sudden death in 90 minutes per player per game. Digital clocks should be set at 90 minutes with a 5-second delay.

The entry fee is $5.

If you plan to play but cannot be present for a starting time of 7 p.m., please tell me by midnight Tuesday night that you are entering. You will have time to pay the $5 entry fee after you appear.